Beads have been an integral component of African history from time immemorial, as they were used as status symbols for wealth and power, for beauty, trade, and also by spiritual talismans. Beads have been used to tell stories of trade with foreigners, vast migrations and vanished empires across the African continent.

Our beads stories are elaborated by the vast destinations we offer our guest through our beaded safaris to wildlife destinations, cultural heritage sites, beach and coastal areas, ecotours that promote responsible tourism, holiday homes, day excursions and weekend getaways, historical sites, Important Bird Area for birdwatching excursions and to wild and personal attractions that are ideal for wedding and honeymoon destinations.

Our Services Include:
Airport & Hotel Transfers
Accommodation Bookings
Cultural Excursions
Corporate Travel Meetings & Conferences
Day Excursions
Ecotours and Agritours
Events and Festivals
Safari Packages
Safari Vehicle and Shuttle Rental Services
Weddings and Honeymoons

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We are committed to making tourism more sustainable by keeping you abreast with the latest information in the travel and tourism industry and also within our company; by offering relevant travel information, our featured beads shop and our beads blog. Our travel destination hotspots are unique, hidden attractions and are excellent travel memoirs and investments to any visitor.

Our Principles and Ethos: Beads Safaris Collection is committed to taking responsibility to make tourism more sustainable, by addressing economic, social and environmental sustainability. Our team is committed to promoting responsible tourism in accordance with sustainable tourism principles and the Safari and Coastal codes in conducting all our operations.

You are about to begin your journey to the land of first-class diversity, from snow tops in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to sunny white beaches at the coast regions along the East African coast. Also the diverse culture and beautiful breath taking sceneries all over East Africa will leave your mind with photographic memories that you shall remember all your life. Beads Safaris Collection has put together briefs for all your travel information needs that will let you acquaint yourself with what to expect in East Africa before you arrive.


Beads Safaris Collection was amazing. I think everyday about the amazing time I had. I cannot wait to come back. The experiences I had on this trip will last a lifetime!” – Joseph Little, USA

BSC, despite being a small recently set-up outfit, runs extremely professional and well organized safaris. It is very heartening to see the close attention they give to their clients even though these are budget safaris. Looking forward to more trips! – Wilfred Opiyo, Kenya

Expect to travel with BSC on another Safari; good accommodation bookings, tour coordination and tour guide. Appreciate the team’s cooperation.” – Dr. Bernard Kaaria, Kenya

I traveled to Meru National Park with Beads Safaris and from the first few minutes inside the park, I knew I was going to learn a lot. My tour guide’s ornithological knowledge was impressive and made my enjoyment of the trip that much richer, as there was always something to see with the tour guide’s glee infections. Our accommodation in the Bandas with a pool was also unforgettable and I hope to go on more excursions with Beads Safaris Collection.” – Tara Daniels, USA