Month: February 2016

Story of Beads

The Story of Beads

Beads are a way of life in Africa and every visitor encounters beads sooner or later. Beads are an integral part of African history from time immemorial. Beads were worn during rituals, traditional ceremonies, for beautification, status symbols, for talisman purposes and for trade. There are different types of beads Organic beads: Some of the earliest forms of beads were made from organic materials that are still being used today…

Beads Safaris Collection - Yatoi Women Cover Pic

Yatoi Women Traditional Dancers

Enroute to Lake Bogoria, we made a brief stop at Marigat to buy some honey, souvenirs and also meet the Yatoi Women. The Yatoi Women's Group office is located in Marigat town and can be accessed by road via the Nakuru-Baringo Highway and branch off at Marigat. The group's chairperson, Mrs. Jennifer Chelagat was keenly waiting for us. She narrated that the women’s group started in September 2008 as a…