Month: July 2016

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Mangroves Tour at Gazi Womens Group

Gazi Women Group was started in June 2006 by three women groups based at the Gazi Village, that is; Subira, Mpaji ni Mungu and Shauri Moyo. The village is located in Kwale district which is 50km South coast of Mombasa and about 20kms from Ukunda. The mangrove project was initiated by the locals of Gazi village however; the women are the custodians for managing the activities of the boardwalk and…

NYERI - Osman Allu Shop - Beads Safaris Collection

The History of the Osman Allu Shop in Nyeri

Located along Kimathi way on the same block as the Post Office. Osman Allu shop is the oldest shop in Nyeri town. Osman is believed to have arrive in Kenya around 1894. Osman worked as a salesman and bookkeeper for the great entrepreneur and merchant, Allidina Visram. Osman acquired great insights on operating a business from him. Osman and Mohamedally Ratansi walked up to Nyeri where a railway station was…