Month: November 2016

Fort Hall Day Excursion - Muranga - Beads Safaris Collection

Muranga: Fort Hall Day Excursion

What was planned as a visit to admire Elimoo Njau Muranga Murals at an ACK church in Muranga turned out to be a full day excursion to Muranga County. The day finally reached and we set out for Muranga at 9:30am from Nairobi. We drove past Ruiru, Juja and took a turning Kenol a renowned junction that marks the end of the dual-carriage road. [embed][/embed] Our first stop was Mukurwe…


Agikuyu People Mythical Origin – Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga

Inter-community mingling and absorptions experienced by the Agikuyu people over a long period of time may have led to telling diluting effects on the community's customs and traditional knowledge. Introduction of foreign religions also played a major part by aggressively introducing foreign cultures and values and further discouraging traditional ways of life of the people. Colonization introduced modern educational and urbanization; as well as increased interaction with outsiders in central…