Month: October 2017


Maiyan: God’s Blessings in Nanyuki

We walked through the different booths at a buildings and homes expo in Nairobi, sales representative ushered us into her booth and talked about a new luxury villa development in Nanyuki that we should visit. She handed us an information pack about the property, as I flipped through the booklet, my eyes caught the words, 'with views of Mt. Kenya and Lollidaga Hills'. She later took our business cards and…

Beads Safaris Collection - Camping & Conservation Tour at Lukenya Ranch

Camping and Conservation Tour at Lukenya Ranch

Machakos County is located about 30 minutes’ drive from Kenya's Capital City, Nairobi. The name Machakos was adopted from a famous Akamba seer known as Masaku who welcomed the British in Kambaland. Machakos was established in 1887 as the first administrative centre for the new British East Africa colony but later the capital was moved to Nairobi in 1889 since it by-passed the Uganda railway line. Others argue that the…