Month: May 2018

Kaya Kinondo Forest Cover PIC

The Pristine and Sacred Kaya Kinondo Forest

Kaya Kinondo is one of the Mijikenda sacred forests spread out over the coastal stretch of Kenya. The kaya is located in Kinondo location, Msambweni District in Kwale County and is about 30 minutes drive from Ukunda town. Kaya Kinondo forest covers approximately 30 hectares of low-lying coral with varied ecosystem, consisting of about 187 plants and 48 birds and was gazetted as a national monument in 1992. After exchanging…

Lé Pristine Hotel - Beads Safaris Collection Cover PIC

Fresh, Crisp and Aromatic Experience at Lé Pristine Hotel – Nyeri

Excitement was in the air as we left Nairobi for Nyeri, the words Lé Pristine ran on everyone’s mouth and vast expectations were building as we approached Nyeri. In Nyeri, we met up with an old friend Kariuki who works at Lé Pristine as a guide and naturalist, and he was instrumental in guiding us to the new kid on the block in Nyeri. As we alighted our vehicle at…