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Why You Should Book your Stay at an Ecolodge

The world is quickly embracing the need to have sustainable tourism businesses. Tourism can be seen as an economic activity that produces a range of positive and negative impacts. Globally, consumers are becoming much more sophisticated and are increasingly making ethical choices about some of their tourism purchases. Ecotourism is really an issue of how best to encourage tourism while minimizing impact at the destination and how the economic and…


Top 10 Beads Shops in Nairobi

Beads are a way of life in Africa and every visitor encounters beads sooner or later. Beads are an integral part of African history from time immemorial. Beads were worn during rituals, traditional ceremonies, for beautification, status symbols, for talisman purposes and for trade. Kazuri Beads (Clay Beads) KAZURI, which means small and beautiful in Swahili, began as a tiny workshop experimenting on making ceramic beads made by hand. At…


Ecotour: Birding, Hiking and Cave Exploration at Mt. Suswa

The Mt. Suswa Conservation Trust was formed by the community around Mt. Suswa to spearhead the development of tourism activities in the area. The trust lies within Kajiado and Narok counties and overlooks Mt. Suswa. Our drive from Nairobi took a little more than 2 hours to reach the conservation area that is located about 10 kms away from Ewaso Town. The road is not well marked and hence you…