Mangroves Tour at Gazi Womens Group

Gazi Women Group was started in June 2006 by three women groups based at the Gazi Village, that is; Subira, Mpaji ni Mungu and Shauri Moyo. The village is located in Kwale district which is 50km South coast of Mombasa and about 20kms from Ukunda.

The mangrove project was initiated by the locals of Gazi village however; the women are the custodians for managing the activities of the boardwalk and restaurant.

Through funding from well wishers like the City Council of Overijse (Belgium), the International Ocean Institute (IOI) through the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) and UNDP/GEF, the women have constructed and expanded a mangrove boardwalk which has attracted many visitors to the area to learn about the unique flora, fauna and history that can be found here.

The mangroves cover an area of 700ha and the community has constructed a 300m boardwalk that provides visitors an opportunity to learn more about the 9 types of mangroves found in the area, view birdlife, fish, crabs, prawns and other marine life found in the area.

Besides promotion of mangrove conservation, the women undertake various activities like: boat rides through the mangrove creeks, provide meals for visitors upon request, facilitate cultural village tours and excursions and visits to 3 Kayas found in the area, that is, Kaya Kipepeo, Kaya Zidi and Kaya Fatuma.

The boardwalk has promoted the conservation of mangroves and income generated from its activities goes towards providing bursary for the best students and needy children, maintaining the boardwalk and creating employment to the local people.

The mangroves species found here provide the local community with medicinal products, fishing grounds, building poles and firewood. Here you will learn how to cook some of the very delicious Swahili foods from the local swahili women who will also treat you to a very delicious lunch served in the mangroves.

A visit to Gazi gives you a chance to learn or know something about slave trade, Swahili culture and see how nature can provide beauty to ones eyes and freshness in the air. Contact us today via for a day tour to Gazi Women’s Mangrove Group today.