Muranga: Fort Hall Day Excursion

What was planned as a visit to admire Elimoo Njau Muranga Murals at an ACK church in Muranga turned out to be a full day excursion to Muranga County. The day finally reached and we set out for Muranga at 9:30am from Nairobi. We drove past Ruiru, Juja and took a turning Kenol a renowned junction that marks the end of the dual-carriage road.

Our first stop was Mukurwe wa Nyagathaga which is located about 20 kms from Kaweru Shopping Center. After introductions and exchanging pleasantries with the group, Elder Chege took lead and took us to a crossroads indicating different Mountains and their direction from where we were standing. After a short narrative on the history of the Agikuyu people, he requested Mr. Kimani to take us round the sacred site for a more enriching experience on their history. 

After the tour our hunger pangs were calling and we proceed to Kieriani Town for lunch at Gosheni Farm Hotel. Gosheni is a beautiful farm hotel that offers tea tours, it has amazing and well manicured grounds for team building and weddings.

Our lunch was already replanned and within 10 to 15 minutes upon our arrival, lunch was served. The food was fresh and tasty beef, chicken and rice, with a blend of cold and warm salad.

We later headed to the ACK Church to view Elimoo Njau famed Muranga Murals; the murals depict the life of Christ unfolding in a single day as seen on the church walls of Saint James and All Martyrs Memorial Cathedral since 1959.

The murals were dedicated to all those who were martyred during the State of Emergency declared by the colonial regime and show the life of Christ squarely in the context of African culture and climate.

Thereafter, we departed as we enjoyed the beautiful lush and green landscapes as we transverse Muranga. We shared on the different traditional food preparation and presentation techniques by ethnic groups living around Mt Kenya region. We ascertained that they shared what we dubbed the one-pot system, where starches, proteins and vegetables ended up being prepared as one meal like Mukimo or arrowroot stew that has meat, cubed arrowroots and carrots, and more presently somewhat Chinese rice that consists of rice with peas and carrots, and so much more variety.

We parted ways at about 8:00am upon arrival in Nairobi having a deeper appreciation of Elimoo’s murals dubbed as the Muranga Murals, more knowledgeable on the different One-Pot meal preparation methods of the people living in Central Kenya. The rich cultural history of the Agikuyu people as narrated by Mr Chege and Kimani and their zeal to see the heritage propagated and shared amongst the millennials.

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