Deep Blue Pool and Canopy Walk Experience at Ngare Ndare Forest

Ngare Ndare Forest is located on the northern foothills of Mount Kenya about 45kms from Meru Town. The Forest is located in both Meru and Laikipia counties, covering an approximate area of 5,545ha and is part of the Mt. Kenya forest ecosystem. Ngare Ndare Forest is the only indigenous forest in Kenya with an expanding canopy of cedar trees; which is quite interesting to find tree species often associate with Northern Europe.

The forest is managed jointly by Kenya Forest Service and the Ngare Ndare Forest Trust. The Ngare Ndare Forest Trust was a community led initiative that started as a forest working group in 1989 and was later registered as a Trust in 2004. The Trust aims to conserve the forest, simulate economic development amongst the host community by offering development and empowerment programs as well as human-wildlife conflict resolution measures.

The Ngare Ndare Forest Trust has several initiatives that seek to provide sustainable alternatives for the Ngare Ndare community. The forest has a variety of ecotourism products that support an array of activities to visitors. While visiting the forest, you can walk on the 500m canopy platform that offers an ideal vantage point to view the forest ecosystem and birdwatching site for visitors and enjoy the trill of walking on the trees canopy.

You can choose to go for a game drive on a 4×4 vehicle or undertake a guided walk from the canopy platform with an armed ranger to the blue pools where you might encounter wildlife including water bucks or forest elephants.

The Forest provides a sanctuary for animals such as; elephant, rhino and buffalo, where they reside to give birth, nurse their injuries, recuperate or die. The forest also has an ‘Elephant Corridor’ which connects the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to Mt. Kenya Forest and serves as a migratory corridor for elephants and other wild animals to and from Mt. Kenya and the Northern Rangelands. In case you chose to extend your stay, you can set up camp at one of their designated wild camping grounds and view the sun set over drinks with friends or family.

The Blue Pool provides a refreshing swim to brave visitors ready to brace the chill. It is believed that the enticing turquoise water emerges from ground water from Mt. Kenya that forms the Ngare Ndare River that also provides water for the local communities and wildlife.

The forest is also a habitat for other wild animals, birds and insects and is an ideal destination for nature lovers and birders. In addition, its home to a variety of indigenous plants, some of which have herbal remedies, the forest is characterized by the red cedar, podo, greenheart and fig trees; the dominant tree species is the Juniperus procera and Olea africana.

It truly is a forest of unique natural beauty, breathtaking sights and sounds; and offers a thrilling and exciting experience to meet the special yet diverse needs of visitors in a way that is both memorable and rewarding. It is a perfect destination for the adventurous, the intrepid and those simply seeking to have a good time while promoting environmental and forest conservation. Contact us via for ecotours to Laikipia and other amazing destinations.