Kit Mikayi: The First Wife Rocks

Located in Seme Location about 600metres off the Kisumu-Bondo road near Kombewa shopping center is the Kit-Mikayi Rock. Kitmikayi is derived from two Luo words, ‘kidi’ meaning stone and ‘mikayi’ meaning first wife.

Set among a field of boulders, Kit Mikayi is a large upright stone, bolstered by smaller supporting boulders. There is a bolster of rocks sitting side by side. Each individual rock has formed stratas which sit on one another. During a recent visit, our guide explained that there are lots of myths and legends regarding the stone abound among the local Luo community.

According to our guide, the bolster of rocks is composed of a husband, his two co-wives and their helper. It is believed that the husband passed away and was buried under a tree called Ng’op Ngeso. The first wife used to pray for rain and cried when there was drought. She also died and was buried near the rock. From the rock, a long tunnel is said to exist, connecting the rock to Lake Victoria. It is believed that the white man is said to have used the tunnel to the lake.

During the tour, you can learn about the ‘Regio Maria’ religious group, their beliefs and way of worship. The Regio Maria religious group believe that their god resides here and if prayers are undertaken here, they will be answered. Its is here that many of the Regio Maria followers undergo many days of prayer and fasting.

If you have time, you can take part in a guided tour through passages within the rock, which are also home to large colonies of bats and nesting birds. Some believe that a visit to Kit Mikayi bestows good fortune to a visitor. You can combine a tour to Kitmikayi with a visit to Ndere Island National Park that’s located just 5kms away. Contact us via or call +254 (0)717110803 for tours to the Western Circuit.