Takawiri – The White Sandy West Coast

Kenya’s west coast is an area of great geographic, cultural and natural diversity. It offers visitors a diverse range of tourist products blend together to create this magical region of Kenya.

Lake Victoria is the largest freshwater lake in Africa and second largest freshwater lake in the world. John Hanning Speke was the first European to discover the lake and named it after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

Lake Victoria is the largest trans-boundary freshwater lake in the world and only 6% of the lake lies on the Kenyan side. The lake lies on the western tourist circuit in Kenya and is a major tourist attraction with beautiful sandy beaches.

Lake Victoria is adorned with numerous islands within it and one of its salient islands is Takawiri. Takawiri Island is a hypsographic island located in Lake Victoria (A hypsographic island is an island located within a lake).

Located in Mbita, Homa Bay County; Takawiri can be accessed from Homabay via the Mbita causeway to Rusinga Island Lodge where you can embark on a motorized boat to the island.

As you approach Takawiri island, the palm trees seem to wave at you, as a sign of welcome. Takawiri is one of the most unspoilt islands on Lake Victoria.

You can choose to stay at Takawiri Island Resort that offers six large chalet accommodation, tantalizing meals, fully stocked bar, restaurant offering local and international cuisines and a recreational area.

Takawiri is a hidden getaway for nature lovers and a bird watchers haven; thick-knees, terns, egrets amongst others can be seen foraging along the shores of the Island.

Takawiri is ideal for friends and family seeking a serene getaway to unwind and relax on the beach over a stunning sunset to reminisce a memorable day.

While relaxing on the beach, you get a feel like you are on holiday at one of the Hawaiian Island beaches experiencing the best dry weather and divine sunshine.

For destination wedding lovers, Takawiri Island Resort is ideal to host your small private wedding on the beach. The picturesque landscape and views at Takawiri will create lasting memories of your beautiful wedding day.

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