Nature Inspired Clay Pieces at Fired Earth Pottery

As we drove towards Camp Carnelley’s for an overnight stay, my friend Melissa expressed her interest in visiting the Fired Earth Pottery. We were all interested in learning more about clay pottery; we got in touch with Obadiah and planned on visiting his workshop the next morning.

Upon arrival, Obadiah ushered us to a lounge area which he also uses as a pottery demonstration site. He explained that once he gets the clay, he throws it onto the wheel and moulds the clay into the desired shape which is an intricate process and its here that the story of the mould is profoundly narrated by the forms patterns and natural colours infused.

Obadiah narrated that corrosion and weathering are some of the external factors that uncover the inner character of the mould and help create texture and colour of his finished products.

Thereafter, he took us to the kiln where he had left some moulds burning for about about four hours. He showed us some moulds that had cooled off from the fireplace and were awaiting his glazing workmanship to begin. He elaborated that a variety of glazes might be used depending on the desired aesthetic feel; although Obadiah has his own style of clay pottery with signature nature themes.

Obadiah took us to his store where he has displayed his finished products including; bowls, cups, plates, lamps, vases, coasters, decorative pieces and so much more for sale.

In case you are in a hurry you can place a custom made order, which in turn he will deliver to you in Nairobi and other destinations once he finishes.

Adjacent the Fired Earth Pottery is the Ogira Art Gallery, it was the festive season and his workshop was not open. We seized the opportunity to admire some of his pieces and also take photos outside his workshop that has beautiful, handmade wooden furniture.

For more information and details on pottery classes and workshops in East Africa contact us via or call 0717110803.