Glamping at Narumoru: Friends Hangout and Farm Visit

We had planned and waited for this weekend getaway in NaruMoru. We were ecstatic about this secluded getaway and had carried all my guide books, camera, spare battery and warm clothes for the chilly NaruMoru weather.

About a kilometer’s drive after Narumoru town, we made a right turn and after missing a turn or two, we finally ended up at our hidden getaway at a friend’s friend’s farm. Two spitz dogs seemed to inspect our arrival after disembarking from the car and our hosts were quite keen on welcoming and ushering us to our briefing point.

After a brief tour of the general areas including; lounge, washrooms and tents to sort our sleeping arrangements, we were quite keen on settle in. We quickly prepared our sandwiches and drinks for our late lunch and as we watched the clouds tuck in the grandeur Mount Kenya and enjoy the entire farm and its amenities to ourselves. 

We later enjoyed a late evening stroll in our secluded getaway and were fortunate to spot a streaky seedeater looking for an evening meal, variable sunbirds both male and female on Leonotis wild flower also known as ‘Sunbird Flower’ or ‘Lion’s Ear’.

The footpaths had river stones along its edges that formed interesting walkways to the different amenities and beautiful flowers leading to washrooms and lounge. On the manicured lawns a pair of mountain wagtail 

The variety of flowering plants both planted and wild was quite a spectacle to behold, we also came across an Oncoba spinosa, and its scented white flower resembles the camillia also known as ‘Fried Egg Flower.’ Its fruit is edible, and the dried shells are suitable as snuff containers, hence the name ‘Snuff Box Tree’.

We settled into the lounge after our walk that is open plan with no windows and doors and allows commanding views of the mountain and the entire landscape. The kitchenette is open plan, self-catering and fully equipped with wooden storage cabinets and storage space, cutlery, cooking equipment, utensils and basic ingredients like spices, salt, and much more. While washing dishes there was resident an olive thrush that seemed to forage on the ground for food.

The dining table is made in bench format and offers more personalized and intimate feel and connection while having a meal. The roofing is made of translucent sheets that complement the use of natural light in the entire room.  The lounge seats are made of locally sourced wooden and red cushions that allowed some of us to laze around and the pillars near the entrance and the roof had climbers that added a natural appeal to the entire area. The rosemary hedge came in handy while preparing our roast chicken.

The cooks well jiko in the lounge came in handy as we roasted chicken for dinner and provided complimentary warmth needed from the breezy chilly cold characterized in Narumoru in the evenings.

Mushroom curry, white rice, salad, vegetables and roast chicken was our simple tasty and tantalizing dinner. We talked the night away and later retired to sleep as the night was getting colder by the hour.

I woke up at dawn to catch the full splendor of Mount Kenya which did not disappoint as I sipped on a warm cup of instant coffee to enjoy about 5 minutes of the golden sunlight. After breakfast, we went for a brief bird walk and spotted most of the resident birds we had seen the previous day including streaky seedeater, the calls of common bulbul and the mimicking Ruppell’s robin chat.

We descended down a stone laid path, and finally reached a well-manicured space with a raised net and continued down until we reached a stream. We stumbled upon a pair of African pied wagtail that were foraging on the ground and we sat and listened to the gentle stream water. We used a different route as we ascended back and found a scenic cottage under construction that offers scenic views of the stream, diverse bush and shrubs. 

We visited the farm and an enclosed mess proof section that had a wide range of vegetables growing including; kale, spinach, spring onions, leek, celery amongst others.

The goose seemed to chase us away from their pen and we soon left to prepare for our departure back to Nairobi. We later took a shower under the open sky blue, and did our final packing and hit the road back to Nairobi.

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