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Travel & Tourism

Our beads services and stories are elaborated by the vast destinations we offer our guest through our beaded safaris to wildlife destinations, cultural heritage sites, beach and coastal areas, ecotours that promote responsible tourism, holiday homes, day excursions and weekend getaways, historical sites, Important Bird Area for birdwatching excursions and to wild and personal attractions that are ideal for wedding and honeymoon destinations.

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Sustainable Travel

Our guiding responsible tourism principles include our commitment to: 1. Leaving a positive impact on the environment and biodiversity. 2. Protecting, conserving and promoting the cultural heritage and traditions of local people 3. Educating and inspiring our travelers on how to become responsible travelers by briefing guests on best tourism practices and ethos at our destinations 4. Encouraging our travelers to reducing their carbon footprint intensity while on safari.

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Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide quality services and products to our guests with the aim of enriching the local tourism product through application of sustainable tourism principles and provision of nature interpretation services. Our vision is to become East Africa’s market leader in offering authentic ecotours by packaging pristine destinations beyond the traditional game viewing circuits in the Eastern Africa region.

About Beads Safaris Collection

Experience And Share African Stories

About us

Beads Safaris Collection is a Destination Management Company operating tours and travel services all over Eastern Africa destinations including: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Zanzibar. We specialize in offering the best and most unique properties and locations for our guests’ safety, enjoyment and tailor-made to their needs

Our Vision

To become East Africa’s market leader in offering authentic ecotours by packaging pristine destinations beyond the traditional game viewing circuits in the Eastern Africa region.

People Power

Our Staff are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Our Team

Our staff have in depth knowledge of the people, flora, fauna and best business and leisure destinations to ensure that you have a memorable experience and best value for your money. Our team is committed to promoting sustainable tourism principles, safari and coastal codes in conducting all our operations.

Beads have been an integral component of African history from time immemorial and have been used to tell stories of trade with foreigners, vast migrations and vanished empires across the African continent. Follow us as we explore, experience and share African stories using beads.

Each beaded tour is unique and designed specifically requests from agricultural groups, companies and organizations to meet their unique needs. We offer specialized travel packages in agri-educational, agribusiness and horticultural tour programs within Eastern Africa. We don't just tour the farms, we meet the owners and learn how they market…


Birding Hotspots in Kenya Kenya has varied habitat with different vegetation that suit different types of birds numbering over 1000 species (11% in the whole world). From tropical rainforest, coastal forest, montane forest, the scrubs and grasslands to semi arid areas. It is vital to note that Kenya is ranked…

Cultural Safaris

Beads are a way of life; every visitor to Africa encounters beads sooner or later, it can be from intricate costumes worn by the Maasai, Samburu, Pokot or a muslim man reciting the names of Allah on his prayer beads. Our cultural beaded safaris offer visits to the very best…

Corporate Travel, Meetings and Conferences

We go the extra mile in ensuring that your individual travel needs have been addressed by helping you develop and implement a comprehensive travel policy that best suits your organizations objectives as well as personal needs. Corporate Event Management: Our team of event organizers can assist with developing concepts and…


Our ecotours focus on environmental education, conservation, wildlife and habitat protection that offer interpretive experiences in-line with our principles and ethos and responsible tourism guidelines. We will help you connect with nature and immerse with the natural habitat that will bring lasting experiences and memories. The site is usually culturally…

Events and Festivals

No matter what time of year, Beads Safaris Collection will help you and always go out of their way to organize a wonderful getaway for our clients to take part in the amazing events and festivals happening all over Eastern Africa. Whether you are seeking to indulge after great food,…

Honeymoon, Romantic and Weekend Getaways

East Africa offers a perfect destination for your romantic getaways and also something different for your honeymoon. The region is a popular honeymoon destination due to the simple fact that it offers amazing safari and game viewing destinations, the elegance of a city hotel, or the brilliant and beautiful beaches.…


There are diverse and incredible kinds of beads and beaded artworks found throughout Africa and we at Beaded Safaris Collection strive to help our guests discover these historical hidden beads. Some of the oldest documented beads on record actually come from Ostrich Eggshell beads found in the Enkapune Ya Muto…


We take pride as as members of

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