Agritours of 2018

Each beaded tour is unique and designed specifically requests from agricultural groups, companies and organizations to meet their unique needs. We offer specialized travel packages in agri-educational, agribusiness and horticultural tour programs within Eastern Africa. We don't just tour the farms, we meet the owners and learn how they market to the public. We talk shop for a while, and exchange ideas with our hosts and our fellow tourists.

We organize agricultural specialty travel packages for both inbound and outbound clients including; individuals, associations and special interest groups. We also have scheduled monthly farm tours to learn and share about agribusiness. Wherever possible, special events such as the ASK Show, Brookside breeders, etc are included in our tour packages.

Some of our Agritours destinations include:
1. Brown's Cheese Factory
2. Kiambethu Tea Farm
3. Fairview Coffee Farm
4. Kikwata Picnic Site

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Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Nairobi, Central, Rift Valley,

Beach / Summer Theme

Best Agritours in Summer of 18