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Kenya has varied habitat with different vegetation that suit different types of birds numbering over 1000 species (11% in the whole world). From tropical rainforest, coastal forest, montane forest, the scrubs and grasslands to semi arid areas. It is vital to note that Kenya is ranked second after Zaire as far as habitat diversity is concerned though four times bigger. Birding popularity in Kenya has created birding tradition amongst the population all over the country, which gives visiting birders a better chance in locating endemic species in various areas, as no matter where, there is a helping hand from a local guide and beads safaris collection guides.

Important Bird Areas (IBAs) cover all the key habitat types in Kenya; some are protected (gazetted forests and national parks), but many are not, some IBAs include: forests, wetlands, semi-arid and arid areas, grasslands and cross-sections of different habitat types.

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Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Olorgesaille, Gatamaiyu Forest,Nairobi National Park

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