Beads are a way of life; every visitor to Africa encounters beads sooner or later, it can be from intricate costumes worn by the Maasai, Samburu, Pokot or a muslim man reciting the names of Allah on his prayer beads. Our cultural beaded safaris offer visits to the very best sites showcasing unique African cultures.

Wasini Island: Wasini Island is a site of early Swahili civilization, and its attractions include prehistoric buildings, exposed coral reef, pristine mangrove forests, intermittent bird watching sites, viewpoints and clear ocean waters and beaches. The island is occupied by the Vumba, a Bantu-speaking and predominantly Muslim people with a rich history. The Vumba live a fairly traditional lifestyle based around fishing and more recently, ecotourism. This in addition to the hospitality of the residents, presents visitors with an experience worth remembering of this beautiful island.

Western: Some of the intricate cultural tours in the western region include: Bull Fighting Festival, visits to the Kit Mikai and Crying Stones of Kakamega, Abagusii Cultural Dances at Otenyo; Fishing and canoeing at Lake Victoria around Rusinga and Mfangano Island.

Bullfighting: An old cultural tradition in Western Kenya; bull fighting is believed to be a cleansing ceremony for those who had fought in wars in bid to detach them from evil spirits of those they had killed. Bull fighting ceremonies have now become popular cultural events that attract thousands from Kenya and abroad.

Kit Mikayi: Meaning the stone of the first woman in Dholuo language, Kit Mikayi is a rock formation situated about 29 km west of the town of Kisumu in western Kenya.

Crying Stone of Ilesi: Not far from Kakamega Town is the weeping or crying stone of Maragoli. This huge rock produces a constant stream of spring water, which flows on the sides, giving rise to many and varied local legends. It looks like a gowned figure in perpetual tears as water runs down its structure from ‘head to toe’. The crying stone is so revered that folklore has it that it fought wars for the abaluhya against their enemies before the colonial times and it also has magical powers and protect the local people against evil design by enemies.

Otenyo Cultural Group: The group is located at Keroka Township in Masaba district and engages in making wood and soapstone carvings for curios. They also sell cultural artifacts and perform traditional dances to attract more visitors to the area.

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Best Seasons:All Year
Popular Location:Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda