On a Sustainability Journey

Sustainability Policy

As we mature as a company, we can say 2018 has been a year of growth and development and see sustainability incorporated into our daily operations. Since our company’s inception, sustainability has been part of our DNA in all our operations. Recognizing the increasing awareness of sustainability issues within the tourism industry, Beads Safaris Collection, a Kenyan-based tour operator developed a sustainability policy in 2018.

Our Principles and Ethos

Beads Safaris Collection is committed to taking responsibility to make tourism more sustainable through: economic, social and environmental sustainability. Our guiding responsible tourism principles include our commitment to:

  • Leaving a positive impact on the environment and biodiversity;
  • Protecting, conserving and promoting the cultural heritage and traditions of local people;
  • Educating and inspiring our travelers on how to become responsible travelers by briefing guests on best tourism practices and ethos at our destinations;
  • Encouraging our travelers to reducing their carbon footprint intensity while on safari

STTA – Young Change Makers Seminar at Chuka University

We were represented by Ms. Phoebe Munyoro, at the Young Change Makers Seminar at Chuka University on 14th September 2018 organized by Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda (STTA). The Young Change Makers seeks to create young sustainability ambassadors, empowered with sustainability knowledge and skills, and who can be relied on for innovative ideas and solutions to the challenges we face today in the tourism and conservation, for more information read 

Say No to Plastic Bottles

Dolphin Watching Guidelines

  • Do not touch dolphins.
  • Do not feed dolphins or throw object in the water to attract them.
  • Do not make sudden or loud noises like banging on the boat or shouting. This can damage their hearing and interfere with their communication, navigation and prey location.
  • Do not swim with dolphins unless they come to you first. Chasing dolphins to swim with them may place both you and the dolphin at risk.

Kenya Safari and Coastal Codes

These guidelines were developed by Friends of Conservation ( and Ecotourism Kenya (, in conjunction with the Kenya Association of Tour Operators (, Kenya Wildlife Service ( and the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association ( They were funded by the British Government’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Contact Us

For any sustainability related questions, please contact Phoebe Munyoro via or +254 732 281 432